Curriculum will prepare your students in your subject by teaching in a real life simulation.

The students have jobs in their subject of study, they are paid just as a professional in their field of study, and they find homes, cars, and pay bills.

The richest person gets an “A.”  Stay out of debt, or you fail. has one basic tenant that governs our approach to education in the classroom.

“We never require our students to do anything in our class that we cannot show an immediate and direct application to real life.”


Math Curriculum

In our math curriculum you learn by doing, as though this was your real life.  You must pay bills, maintain a positive balance in your bank account, and keep you job.  You will buy insurance, pay for food, and manage all of your affairs as though you were living on your own.  You learn about and purchase different insurance options.  You might get sick, or have a hospital stay.  Sometimes you are down sized, evicted, or just plain unlucky.  After all, this is real life.

At the end of the program, you buy your grade.  The person who is able to save the most money wins.  Anyone who can show a positive balance will pass.  If you are in debt you fail.

Just like life.

CTE Curriculum

Our CTE Curriculum has students earning money as owners of their shops.  They must pay for equipment fees, material, and rental on the shop.  The projects they complete will earn them money to pay the bills.  Students will take responsibility for their own work, and the more advanced the project, the more money they can earn.

Language Curriculum

Language students will work as playwrites, poets, newspaper writers, or researchers.  They receive money as they produce products that can be published.

History Curriculum

As part of think tanks, political advisors, and museum currators, our students earn money as they learn, research, and explore history.  Evaluate historical movies for accuracy, or even write a report on historical facts for the latest Hollywood block buster.

Independent Living Skills

This class course teaches life skills to teens who have been in foster care, wards of the state, or other supervised care, and are transitioning to independent living.

The class is designed for students to manage money in order to “purchase” success in the classroom, which translates to responsible life management in real life.  They apply for jobs, interview, fill out time cards, and learn various independent living skills that will help them successfully transition to independent living.

The length of the course is 8 weeks, 1 night a week for 3 hours each night.

Other Curriculum

We are happy to work with you or your group o develop customized curriculum to help you teach students through simulating real life.  As interest in this education philosophy grows our curriculum will also grow.  If you are interested in what is being developed, or are interested in developing curriculum specific to your classroom, please contact us and we will help you enhance your classrooms.

This is the answer to the question “When will I ever need this after I graduate?”

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