Preparing Students for Real Life


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Career & Technical Education

  • Our CTE Curriculum has students earning money as owners of their shops, contractors, or project managers.  They must pay for equipment fees, material, and rental on the shop.  The projects they complete will earn them money to pay the bills.  Students will take responsibility for their own work, and the more advanced the project, the more money they can earn.

Consumer Math Curriculum

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Consumer Math is a two part course lasting a total of 40 weeks.

  • Personal Finance (20 weeks): Students learn about math by applying the principles being taught in real life.  Success means you stay out of debt.  The richest person gets an “A”. Topics include: How do I get a job? How much money am I worth?  How do I calculate my pay? What do I do with my paycheck after I get it?
  • Part 2, business Finance (20 weeks): Business Finance contains 16 units designed to last one semester. A second semester course, it will build on and expand the personal finance lessons. Topics include: How many employees do I need?  What are my profits?  How do I do my taxes?  the Business Finance course will take the student through these basic questions that each small business owner needs to answer.  Students will create businesses and sell products to each other.

Surviving Real Life

These courses are designed to teach participants all of the things they will need to know to be a successful citizen. It is like a HOW TO class on real life. This curriculum offered is a two semester course titled Life Skills class as well as a short 8 week course titled Transition to Independent Living.

  • Life Skills Part 1: Living on your Own and Part 2, Living in Your Community can be taught as an entire year long course, or components can be used to supplement other courses. The focus of this set of curriculum is to teach students real life skills that will prepare them for life. Less time is spent on the math being used and more time is spent on knowledge and skills.
  • Transition to Independent Living is an 8 week course. Designed to teach life skills to teens who have been in foster care, wards of the state, or other supervised care, and are transitioning to independent living. The class is designed for students to manage money in order to “purchase” success in the classroom, which translates to responsible life management in real life.  They apply for jobs, interview, fill out time cards, and learn various independent living skills that will help them successfully transition to independent living. The length of the course is 8 weeks, 1 night a week for 3 hours each night.

Home Economics


  • As part of think tanks, political advisers, and museum curators, our students earn money as they learn, research, and explore history.  Evaluate historical movies for accuracy, or even write a report on historical facts for the latest Hollywood block buster.

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Common Core Standards

  • Our curriculum is based on real life.  Whether it is Common Core or another standard, our focus it to prepare people to be successful in their chosen occupation.  You can review how the units apply to the standards. © 2009-2015 Frontier Theme